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The right to breastfeed in public is protected by law in Ireland, which means that nobody can be asked to stop nursing, to leave a premises, or to use separate facilities such as the toilet. Photograph: Thinkstock. Human breast milk tastes sweet.

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I wanted to hear the floor debate that was happening so I just sat down at my desk because that was more comfortable than standing off to the side. Australian senator Larissa Waters broke the glass ceiling in Parliament when she breastfed her 3-month-old daughter while addressing her fellow lawmakers. About a month earlier, Waters became the first to breastfeed in Parliment after returning from a week-long maternity leave and was key in passing legislation last year allowing parliamentary members to breastfeed in chambers.

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I lactated in a bathroom only once. It was a cross-country flight. My breasts, engorged after a long security line, could no longer wait.

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Anytime a breastfeeding story comes up in the news, especially one in which a breastfeeding mom is asked to leave an area to feed her baby, I break my own rule about not reading online comments out of sheer, morbid curiosity. Of course, there are always some unnecessarily mean people, but some sentiments that come up frequently are legitimately well-meaning. I actually would love to get to the stage when we stop calling it breastfeeding, and just call it feeding.

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But take that totally natural behavior and put it on a park bench or in a restaurant booth, and suddenly public breastfeeding sparks a debate. So what gives? Why is there still so much controversy over breastfeeding in public?

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Breastfeeding has been a hot-button topic in the past few years. Rather than get angry, some moms have chosen to fight back in a much more creative way; with breastfeeding photo shootsprofessionally taken and gorgeously done. Prepare to have your breath taken away by these 11 beautiful photos of mothers embracing their right to breastfeed.

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When my first son was a baby, I breastfed in private. In the first few months of his life, we saw the insides of more dressing rooms and restrooms than I care to count. Apparently, this was such a flagrant security issue that the police were called the police!

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Onlookers claimed the breastfeeding mother was wearing a green cloth over her shoulder and thus her breasts were not visible. From these two wildly contrasting responses to the exact same region of the female anatomy, one can draw various inferences. Secondly, Australian women still face considerable discrimination and judgement whilst breastfeeding.

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May 25, changed my life forever. Friends and family talked to me about labor and the delivery, the lack of sleep, but no one told me that breastfeeding would be so difficult. For me, breastfeeding was very challenging.

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Skip to content. It's associated with everything from better resistance to disease to healthier bodyweight, stronger academic performance to higher earnings. The World Health Organization WHO recommends that all babies get only breast milk for the first six months of their life.


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