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People using the word vagina instead of vulva is my pet peeve. Let your body do its fucking job. No one needs advice from an ill informed, botoxed, ballon lipped idiot about what their vag should look like.

Performing a vaginal self-exam at home can help you familiarize yourself with your own body, as all vaginas are different. It can also help you identify changes and abnormalities. A gynecologist can check you for symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases STDs and perform a Pap smear test to screen for cervical cancer.

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That's why it's important to give your vagina a little extra attention. The vagina can tell us a lot about your hormones, your head and your overall health. So what are the hidden messages your vagina is trying to tell you? When it comes to any sort of unwanted itch, OB-GYNs say yeast could be to blame — or something a bit easier to fix: your laundry detergent.

Have you started losing skin from your vagina? If your vaginal region sheds skin internally or externally, it can be alarming. But try not to panic!

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By Petra Boynton. I'm a black woman in my late twenties and have been experiencing a problem with the appearance of the outside area of my vagina. I do not want him to see my vagina.

In search of the perfect body, you sometimes end up in the remotest places. Were topics like anal bleaching, penis bleaching, nipple bleaching relevant years ago? We would like to take a closer look at the subject of intimate bleaching and provide some information here.

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The external female genital area is called the vulva. The outer folds of skin are called the labia majora, and the inner folds are called the labia minora. Within the labia minora is the vestibule.

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A blog post suggested vagina lightening "hacks" — and some people were furious. A post from a popular beauty blog is under fire for its recommendation of "DIY hacks" to lighten the vagina. The post was initially published April 7 on Huda Beauty, the website of beauty blogger and makeup artist Huda Kattanwho currently boasts more than 25 million Instagram followers.

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